Simon Pink
Simon Pink©
Berkshire born artist, Simon Pink has become well-known for his abstract and contemporary paintings. A childhood spent exploring the countryside near his home sparked a love and fascination for nature which provides the inspiration of his unique artistic vision. He has experimented with a huge variety of materials in pursuit of the style that best suits his passionate interpretation of the natural world.

Examining nature in close up with its colours, structures, patterns and textures inspires large scale acrylic canvases, relying on a skilled fusion of careful paint application and chance as the watery colours run together. Simon's bold paintings are an energising explosion of vibrant, juicy, kaleidoscope colours which swim and swirl over the canvas. We are drawn into their depths as if diving onto shimmering reef or plunging into an emerald forest.

Travelling the world from South America to Australia has broadened Simon's source of reference material for his paintings. Jars of shells, bowls of pebbles, gemstones, feathers and scrapbooks of photos and sketches come together in his studio as new paintings are created. Simon works directly onto the canvas in a watercolour style, pulling ideas from his thoughts and emotional response to nature as well as from the items he has gathered. The results are energising abstracts with hints of nature's forms and textures, a mix of excitement and calm, a sense of the ocean or the sunset or a tangled, summer flower border.

Simon's strong artistic and design sense has ensured an excitingly varied career in the arts. He has worked in interior design, product styling, fine arts and book illustration. Simon has written and illustrated many children's books which have all been published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Ltd. He is well respected and sought after for his style, vision and attention to detail, qualities he brings in to his own paintings.

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